Interesting things to download

Textures of facing bricks for use in 3D programs

(In .zip format with three color variants for each joint)

Anthrazit 04 Glatt DF

Anthrazit Retro 1.1 NF

Anthrazit S OF

Blaubraun 04 Glatt OF

Borgsteder Bunt NF

Borkumer Rot NF

Borkumer Rot OF

Braunviolett 04 Glatt NF

Braunviolett Backsteinrau OF

Braunviolett Glatt Extra NF

Braunviolett Profil Extra NF

Braunviolett Profil NF

Braunviolett Retro Kohle

Braunviolett Retro Kohle NF

Bremer Rot Kohle Handstrich DF

Bremer Rot Kohle Handstrich NF

Bunt 04 Glatt DF

Bunt 04 Glatt NF

Bunt 04 Glatt OF

Bunt 04 Handstrich DF

Bunt 04 Handstrich NF

Bunt 04 Neo DF

Bunt 04 Neo NF

Bunt Profil NF

Bunt Retro 1.0 NF

Bunt Retro 1.0 DF

Bunt Retro 1.2 OF

Bunt Retro Kohle NF

Bunt Retro Kohle OF

Dangaster Bunt NF

Klosterhof Bunt NF

Maron Neo NF

Rot 04 Glatt Kreuzverband OF

Rot 04 Glatt OF

Rot 04 Handstrich DF

Rot 04 Handstrich NF