Our promise of quality.

High-quality raw materials and particularly the unique Bockhorn clay result in high-quality clinker. In addition, the special firing technology at high temperatures of up to approx. 1200 ° C creates the inimitable Bockhorn play of colors.
Bockhorn facing and paving clinkers have low water absorption, high strength, are frost-resistant and, thanks to these properties, have an unlimited lifespan.
Professional facades made from Bockhorn clinker bricks do not require any maintenance, they are maintenance-free and weather-resistant.
Bockhorn facing and paving clinkers are permanently color-fast and weatherproof.
Decide for Bockhorner clinker and thus for quality, beauty, and lasting value.

Timeless beauty and durability.

Bockhorn paving clinkers

Bockhorn pavers from the Grabstede plant clearly exceed the requirements of the DIN EN 1344 and DIN 18503 standards

  • Dimension span class: R1*
  • Bending breaking load class: T4 *
  • Abrasion resistance class: A3 *
  • Freeze-thaw resistance class: FP100
  • Slide / slip resistance class: U3 *

*highest requirement class DIN EN 1344. Independent quality monitoring takes place regularly by the quality protection brick (Güteschutz Ziegel).

Bockhorn facing clinkers.

With the product certificate, the manufacturer ensures compliance with the highest requirement class of DIN EN 771-1. With the limitation of the water absorption to a maximum of 6% by mass and the significantly higher compressive strength, the proven clinker quality is guaranteed.

Additionally, our products are tested for the content of active soluble salts of the stricter S3 class.

Original Bockhorner facing clinkers from the Grabstede plant comply with DIN EN 771-1 with the highest requirement profile:

  • Limit of dimensions: Class T2 *
  • Dimension span: class R2 *
  • Deviation bulk density: Class D2 *
  • Average compressive strength:> 44 N / mm² *
  • Water absorption: <6%
  • Frost resistance: class F2 *
  • Content of active soluble salts: class S3 *

* highest requirement class DIN EN 771-1

Our promise of quality.

Bockhorner clinkers from the Grabstede plant meet the requirements of DIN EN 771-1 for facing clinkers and DIN EN 1344 for paving clinkers.
In addition to external monitoring by Güteschutz Ziegel e.V., our products are also subject to constant in-house production control, which extends from the receipt of raw materials through processing, shaping, drying, and firing to the final inspection. The data is recorded in control cards and continuously evaluated.